Our Foundation draws inspiration from the teachings of Acharya Ratan Sundar Surishwar ji M.S about his outlook in the matter of inheritance. We concur that our parenteral land deserves a share of the asset, in any form, which we inherit from our ancestors. We feel it is payback time to our parenteral land.  Inheritance may be one’s birth right but then a right doesn’t come alone, it comes along with responsibility as well. A birth Responsibility…!!

Lets all join hands together to redefine and alter the meaning of “INHERITANCE” and it is not matter of greatness to given back to the society but it’s a matter of humility for keeping the balance.

We at, Foundation, seek to align the dedication and legacy of Seth Prabhu Lal Gangwal and teaching of Acharya Ratan Sundar Surishwarji M.S and dedicate itself to the cause of Hasteda Village.