|| दीन के दयाल जी, कर दो निहाल जी ||

ATIPRACHIN MANOROTHPURN 1008 SRIMUNISUWART NATH ATISHYA Chhetra is in Hasteda, 20 kms away from Chomu, Jaipur district.

The last jirnodhar of the temple was done in 1803 and considered to be one of the oldest temple in India.

There are about 21 pratima in the temples each stated to be over 500 year old.

Mulnayak pratima of 1008 SRIMUNISUWART Nath pratima is considered to be of Guptkalin and over 800 year old.

The most unique part is in THUMBS of pratima and considered to be on of the fewest surviving pratima in the world.

There are several anecdotes of faith and believe about the temples and mulnayak pratima.

Prabhusar Foundation has taken lead, with the support of Hasteda prawasi and entire jain community to undertake complete jirnodhar of this temple with a total project outlay of Rs. 150 lacs.

The temple is run under the management of “Shri Digambar Jain Mandir Hasteda” Regd.